A collection of all lectures offered by the Databases and Information Systems Group (Chair for Applied Computer Science IV) may be found here. However, we strongly recommend to attend the "Databases and Information Systems I" (DBIS I) lecture, as it sets a foundation for all continuative courses offered by our group. Additional courses focus mainly the stuy plan of the individual disciplines. Practical training is emphasized in all our lectures within the exercises, but especially during regularily offered internships and seminars.

Our courses generally focus two central topics, which are database systems and information systems. In case you have any questions regarding our courses, need advice and/or coordination of your indivudal curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the head of the AI4 Chair, Prof. Stefan Jablonski

In addition to the courses offered at the University of Bayreuth you may attend courses of the vhb ('Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern'). The vhb offers students high quality courses free of charge. Detailed information about the course program is available here.