Bridging the gap between SPICE Reference Processes and OU Processes: An iterative business process modelling approach

Stefan Jablonski, Matthias Faerber, Jörg Schlundt

The SPICE standard has evolved to one of the major quality standards. One of its drawbacks is that the integration between SPICE requirements and OU (organizational unit) processes is hard to accomplish. In this paper, we want to address this problem. By extending well established process modelling techniques, we demonstrate how an integrated process and quality modelling approach facilitates to bridge the gap between OU processes and SPICE requirements. Following the Deming Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, we describe the integrating points between business process modelling and quality oriented planning.

Conference: 6th International SPiCE Conference
Year: 05.2006
Location: Luxembourg

Universität Bayreuth -