Integrated Management of Company Processes and Standard Processes: A Platform to Prepare and Perform Quality Management Appraisals

Stefan Jablonski, Matthias Faerber

Business processes have been introduced in many companies during the last years. But it was not clear how to measure the quality of these processes. ISO/IEC 15504 and CMMI have filled this gap and provide measurement frameworks to assess the maturity of processes. However, introducing and adapting processes to comply with these standards is difficult and error-prone. Especially the integration of the requirements of the standards into the company processes is hard to accomplish. In this paper we propose an integrated process modeling approach that is able to bridge the gap between business processes and requirements of the standards. Building on this integrated model we are able to produce reports that systematically uncover and display weaknesses in the process.

Conference: Fifth International Workshop on Software Quality (WoSQ'07: ICSE Workshops 2007)

Universität Bayreuth -