A Conceptual Modeling and Execution Framework for Process Based Scientific Applications

Stefan Jablonski, Bernhard Volz, Abdul Rehman

In recent years, scientists are dealing more and more with data intensive and complex applications. Many scientific workflow systems emerged which adapt technology and methods stemming from the workflow management area and that should support scientists in understanding and working with their complex scenarios. However as these systems often descend from problem solving environments, many of them are missing a well structured conceptual method for process modeling and execution as a foundation. In this publication we present a comprehensive and well structured method for developing and analyzing process based scientific applications. This method is constituted by a process modeling framework, a data integration framework and a model driven approach to build up infrastructures for process modeling and execution.

Conference: CyberInfrastructure: Information Management in eScience (CIMS); Collocated with ACM CIKM 2007
Year: 11.2007
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Universität Bayreuth -