Integrated Process and Data Management for Healthcare Applications

Stefan Jablonski, Sebastian Dornstauder, Matthias Faerber, Manuel Götz, Bernhard Volz, Reiner Lay ; Christian Meiler ; Sascha Müller

Healthcare applications are demanding with respect to their IT needs. Due to their complexity they need strong IT support; due to their required flexibility IT must provide enough freedom to their users in the medical domain. We have chosen a process based technology, called Data Logistics, which can cope with these almost conflicting requirements. Data Logistics is based on clinical processes. However, when Data Logistics processes are going to be executed, this happens transparently to the users and provides them a huge degree of freedom in determining the sequence of process execution. In order to cope with these challenging features, the process execution environment for Data Logistics processes is generated according to our model driven development approach called PDA. Several clinical studies illustrate the feasibility, effectiveness and efficiency of the Data Logistics approach. This paper both exposes the rationale of the Data Logistics approach and provides a deep inside into their implementation concept.

Year: 2007
Journal: International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics
Year: 2007
Series: 2
Issue: 4
Pages: 1 - 21

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