Semantic Data Integration in the DaltOn System

Stefan Jablonski, Abdul Rehman, Florent Jochaud, Bernhard Volz, Olivier Curé

Due to the large volume and high complexity of data, end-users are often confronted with data management issues such as syntactic and semantic integration of data (data comes in different formats and has different meanings) as well as the pure movement of data in between information systems. In order to cope with these issues in a systematic and well structured manner, we propose an elaborate framework based on process modeling; data provision, data integration and a repository which tracks all data management issues are the central components of our approach. It is out of the scope of this paper to reflect all the components in detail; instead the main focus is to present how our framework deals with semantic data integration using ontologies in theory and in practice by giving a real-world example. In this example we describe a self medication application from the pharmaceutical domain.

Conference: Workshop on Information Integration Methods, Architectures, and Systems (IIMAS), in conjunction with the 24th International Conference on Data Engineering, April 7-12, 2008, Cancún, México
Year: 04.2008

Universität Bayreuth -