DaltOn: An Infrastructure for Scientific Data Management

Stefan Jablonski, Abdul Rehman, Bernhard Volz, Olivier Curé

It is a common characteristic of scientific applications to require the integration of information coming from multiple sources. This aspect usually confronts end-users with data management issues which involve the transportation of data from one system to another as well as the syntactic and semantic integration of data, i.e. data come in different formats and have different meanings. In order to deal with these issues in a systematic and well structured way, we propose a sophisticated framework based on process modeling. In this paper, we present the three major conceptual architectural abstractions of the system and detail its execution.

Conference: International Workshop on Applications of workflows in Computational Science (AWCS 08) in conjunction with International Conference on Computational Science 2008 (ICCS 08)
Year: 06.2008
Location: Krakow, Poland

Universität Bayreuth -