A Meta Modeling Framework for Domain Specific Process Management

Stefan Jablonski, Sebastian Dornstauder, Bernhard Volz

Process Management has become an acknowledged technology for application integration. However, different applications leverage from different process modeling capabilities. Thus, domain specific process management becomes more and more relevant. In this paper we present our solution for an abstract process modeling method and language based on an extensible meta modeling framework which has two main advantages compared to standard MDA tools. First, we can easily implement modeling patterns (here: powertypes and type/usage concept). Second we can use more than two meta layers which results in a more clear structure and in higher flexibility (here a separation between general process modeling principles and domain specific languages).

Conference: 1st IEEE Int'l Workshop on Semantics for Business Process Management (SemBPM 2008) in conjunction with the 32nd Annual IEEE Int'l Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2008),Turku, Finland, 07.2008
Year: 07.2008

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