Implementing Conceptual Data Integration in Process Modeling Methodologies for Scientific Applications

Bernhard Volz

Process management is a widely applied methodology for describing and solving complex application scenarios. Also in scientific domains process management is emerging (Scientific Workflows). Scientific domains are characterized by demanding data integration task where data have to be integrated stemming from heterogeneous sources. But in contrast to the paramountcy of data integration many process modeling methodologies do not provide appropriate conceptual paradigms for specifying and enacting data integration tasks. Instead data integration is often treated as a normal work step within the flow of actions. However, this makes it difficult to cope with this data integration in a clean conceptual way. In this paper we will thus demonstrate how data integration tasks can be integrated in a process modeling method on a conceptual level using the Perspective Oriented Process Modeling approach and DaltOn, a framework for data transportation and semantic integration based on ontologies. We will further argue that data integration does not only affect data but instead is a more cross-cutting concern that has a certain impact on the definition of other building blocks of processes such as the operational and organizational perspective.

Conference: 1st International Workshop on Ambient Data Integration (ADI'08), Monterrey, Mexico, 2008
Year: 11.2008
Location: Monterrey, Mexico

Universität Bayreuth -