Online Teaching in an Electronic Education Environment

Matthias Ehmann, Manuel Götz, Stephanie Meerkamm, Michael Igler, Stefan Jablonski

For our project “Informatik@School” we introduced a didactical concept that is based on individual and cooperative problem-oriented teaching and learning. To apply this concept we practice an approach between pure e-learning and blended learning. From the technical point of view we need a software environment that fulfills the demands of our didactical concept.

In this paper we present our e-learning platform “Electronic Education Environment”. First we illustrate the results of a requirements review concerning different areas. We explain the necessity for the development of a new e-learning software framework. In the main part we show the details of our Electronic Learning Environment together with use cases for students and advisors. We discuss the difficulties and their solutions of a network based e-learning application in a heterogeneous network structure. Finally an outlook to future development potentials is given.

Conference: Second International Workshop on Virtual Environments and Web Applications for e-Learning (VEWeAL 2009), in conjunction with The Fourth International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services (ICIW 2009), May 24 - 28, Venice, Italy
Year: 05.2009
Location: Venice, Italy

Universität Bayreuth -