On the Implementation of Tools for Domain Specific Process Modelling

Stefan Jablonski, Bernhard Volz, Sebastian Dornstauder

Business process modelling becomes more productive when modellers can use process modelling languages which optimally fit to the application domain. Domain specific modelling is the discipline that deals with the proliferation of domain specific modelling languages. The general tenor is that the more a modelling language fits to an application domain, the more efficient and effective an application can be modelled. In this paper we address the issue of providing domain specific languages in a systematic and structural way without having to implement modelling tools for each domain specific language separately. Our approach is based on a two dimensional meta modelling stack.

Conference: 4th International Conference on the Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering (ENASE), May 9-10, Milan, Italy
Year: 05.2009

Universität Bayreuth -