The ProcessNavigator - Flexible Process Execution for Product Development Projects

Matthias Faerber, Stephanie Meerkamm, Stefan Jablonski

The development of new, innovative products is a companies’ fundament to achieve success on the long term. Processes have been successful to structure development processes, however no practical approach for a process management system that support users rather than restricting them is available. Based on the process all influence factors such as human being, tools, methods or quality aspects have to be integrated in a goal-oriented way. In this paper we show how a product development process can be supported by a process execution environment. First we introduce the requirements regarding the user and the quality perspective. Mapping these in a process model they are then implemented into a novel integrated execution environment, named ProcessNavigator. We focus the connection between the process model and the execution environment and show how engineers can benefit from a flexible process management system. Scenarios are used throughout the paper to demonstrate how users can interact with the system.

Conference: International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED '09), August 24-27, 2009, Stanford (CA), USA

Universität Bayreuth -