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Process Oriented Knowledge Management for Product Development

Process Oriented Knowledge Management for Product Development

Florent Jochaud, Stefan Jablonski

Product development is a complex task during which many external dependencies have to be taken into account. Engineers have to deal with an important numbers of requirements, technical ones but also relationship costs, laws and customer needs. During a product development project, lots of different tasks have to be completed with a high number of relationships between them. Also, many complex documents have to be created, reused and modified in every task. Product development processes are considered as Knowledge intensive processes where the main object manipulated by engineers is their personal knowledge. As more and more information and knowledge is manipulated by developers, more and more time is spent searching for the correct information.

In order to solve these issues, in this paper, we propose a Process Based Knowledge Management System. Using this system, information can be directly and automatically integrated inside a Knowledge Base when they are created. On the other hand, the system proposes a way to directly present relevant knowledge to engineers depending on the task they are working on. This way the time spent storing and searching for information is greatly reduced.


Conference: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Integration of Design, Engineering and Management for innovation, IDEMI09, Porto, Portugal, September 14-15, 2009
Year: 2009

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