OMME - A Flexible Modeling Environment

Bernhard Volz, Stefan Jablonski

Bridging the gap between drawing tools and modeling environ-ments is not easy. Within this article we propose a solution which could help to close or at least to reduce this gap and that is based on meta modeling as method. A characteristic property of this environment is its openness; restrictions as known from conven-tional meta modeling tools, frameworks and environments were intentionally left out such that also advanced modeling patterns such as Powertypes, Clabjects, Deep Instantiation and Materiali-zation can be used. Furthermore, models of arbitrary kind and structure can be represented and interlinked, e.g. a process model with a data model. Thus, those models which fit best in a given situation, can be used.

Conference: SPLASH 2010 Workshop on Flexible Modeling Tools
Year: 2010
Location: Reno, Nevada, USA

Universität Bayreuth -