Process Observation as Support for Evolutionary Process Engineering

Stefan Schönig, Michael Seitz, Claudia Piesche, Michael Zeising, Stefan Jablonski

The Process Observation project is used to generate business process execution logs and guides process participants through process execution. In this contribution, we introduce process evolution as an economic field of application for process observation. There are different needs for process evolution, e.g., to establish more consistent process results, continuously measure and improve process performance or meet accreditation requirements. We will show how process discovery, process guidance and process evidence as the main basic functions of process observation can be applied as support for reasonable process evolution. In this way, process observation can be used to reach a desired evolution stage or rather facilitate the transition between two maturity levels. Furthermore, process observation serves as an implementation for certain evolution stages itself and can additionally be consulted to prove the conformance to quality requirements of maturity levels.

Year: 2012
Journal: International Journal On Advances in Systems and Measurements
Year: 2012
Series: 5
Issue: 4

Universität Bayreuth -