Meta Modeling

Period:01.04.2006 - current
Project Leader: Stefan Jablonski
Contact Persons: Bernhard Volz

Meta data in general are data about data, artifacts, objects, models etc. and describe their properties, structure and/or behavior. A special application of meta data is the use of meta models which describe the structure and the anatomy of (modeling) languages. The definition of such a modeling language can be made more flexible by the application of special modeling paradigms and patterns such as Powertypes, Deep Instantiation, Clabjects, Orthogonal Classification Approach etc. such that it becomes easily adaptable to changing requirements. Some examples for such adaptations are the introduction of a new modeling construct into the language or the addition of attributes to existing ones.

Thus the aim of this project is to develop and implement a flexible meta model for the definition of process modeling languages. In order to fully support the capabilities of such a model also a special repository is needed that implements the concepts and paradigms introduced earlier. Based on this repository further a process modeling tool is developed that supports the (re-)definition of languages and models transparently.



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