Quality Management

Period:01.02.2006 - current
Project Leader: Stefan Jablonski
Contact Persons: Stefan Jablonski, Matthias Faerber

The research project Process Oriented Quality Management studies possibilities how processes can be modeled in compliance with the ISO 15504 (SPICE) standard and aims at providing an integrated framework for the modeling and execution of quality oriented processes.

To achieve this goal, a domain specific modeling language was developed that can store references to the standard’s requirements. For the international standard ISO 15504 (SPICE) a modeling tool (iPM4QM) was created, that contains the artifacts from the standard (i.e. Base Practices, Work Products and Management Practices) and facilitates the easy mapping of company processes to SPICE requirements.

Building on the process model, a web based framework for the analysis and control of the mapping was developed. So the person in charge for implementing the companies’ quality management system can selectively search for gaps in the mapping (i.e. certain requirements were not taken into account) and thus reduce the risk of an assessment. Additionally processes can be published in the companies' intranet. This way, employees can inform and prepare themselves about processes and for assessments.

In order to support product development with processes, existing process execution systems were adapted. This way developers and employees can be supplied with advices about possible next steps or proven methods. With the connection between process models and the quality standard and the connection of the process execution system with a knowledge base, documents that are created in the development process can now be stored directly under the requirements of the SPICE standard. Although this approach was demonstrated for the ISO 15504 standard it can be easily adapted to other standards like CMMI or others.


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