Scientific Workflow Management

Period:Autumn 2006 - current
Project Leader: Stefan Jablonski
Contact Persons: Stefan Jablonski, Abdul Rehman

Scientific Workflow Management Systems (SWfMS) are used to describe and execute analysis procedures in scientific applications.  Since fall 2006 we have been evaluating such systems in diverse scientific domains like Biology, Ecology and Geology. The result of this effort shows that many of the SWfMSs are missing well structured conceptual methods for process modeling and a systematic way for the management of heterogeneous data. Especially data related tasks like the transformation, integration (syntactic and semantic) and transportation of data are overcrowding the process model distracting the scientists’ attention from the real analysis. Thus it is the aim of this project to allow scientists to focus on the analysis again by supporting them in two different ways:

  • The Perspective Oriented Process Modeling method (POPM) allows for concentrating on different aspects of a scientific process by separating single concerns into so-called perspectives; one of these perspectives especially deals with data and related tasks.
  • DaltOn (Data Logistics and Ontologies) is a framework that implements the data perspective of POPM. It uses ontological descriptions of data for performing transformations (syntactic and semantic) and generic wrappers for data transportation respectively.

Both technologies are tightly integrated with each other such that our proposed system will lead to fundamental improvements in how scientists can 1) manage their domain processes 2) focus on their research oriented processes by avoiding data complexity 3) manage their scientific data in an efficient way 4) gain global access to data and information.


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