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Tools and Resources

The tools, data and other material have been produced in the context of our research topics shown on this website. All tools and material can be downloaded from the sections below. Since we are continuously improving our work sometimes there might be an improved version. Please contact the authors for further information.   

Process Tools


SemTraE2B is a tool for semi-automatically translating EPC process models into BPMN. It is based upon a set of translation rules that map elements of a EPC meta-model to elements of the BPMN meta-model. However, these rules are used to suggest a possible mapping but the user has full control over the final generation result. This is necessary because of EPC's lower expressiveness like, for instance, the lack of different event types that are, on the other hand side, available in BPMN.

This section provides both, a screencast that shows the tool as well as a link to the web-based software itself where you can try it by yourself.

Link to the tool: SemTraE2B

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