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Sturm, Christian; Schönig, Stefan
Big Data Meets Process Science : Distributed Mining of MP-Declare Process Models
Enterprise Information Systems
Cham : Springer, 2019. - page 396-423
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-26169-6_19 ...

Sturm, Christian; Scalanczi, Jonas; Schönig, Stefan; Jablonski, Stefan
A Blockchain-based and resource-aware process execution engine
in Future Generation Computer Systems volume 100 (2019) . - page 19-34
doi:10.1016/j.future.2019.05.006 ...

Kumar, Chettan; Käppel, Martin; Schützenmeier, Nicolai; Eisenhuth, Philipp; Jablonski, Stefan
A Comparative Study for the Selection of Machine Learning Algorithms based on Descriptive Param ...
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Data Science, Technology and Applications. Volume 1. DATA
Prag , 2019. - page 408-415
doi:10.5220/0008117404080415 ...

Schönig, Stefan; Di Ciccio, Claudio; Mendling, Jan
Configuring SQL-based process mining for performance and storage optimisation
Proceedings of the 34th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing, SAC 2019, Limassol, Cyprus, April 8-12, 2019
Limassol, Cyprus , 2019. - page 94-97
doi:10.1145/3297280.3297532 ...

Schützenmeier, Nicolai; Käppel, Martin; Petter, Sebastian; Schönig, Stefan; Jablonski, Stefan
Detection of Declarative Process Constraints in LTL Formulas
Enterprise and Organizational Modeling and Simulation
Cham : Springer, 2019. - page 131-145 . - (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing; 366)
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-35646-0_10 ...

Sturm, Christian; Fichtner, Myriel; Schönig, Stefan
Full Support for Efficiently Mining Multi-Perspective Declarative Constraints from Process Logs
in Information volume 10 (2019) issue 1
doi:10.3390/info10010029 ...

Schönig, Stefan; Jablonski, Stefan; Ermer, Andreas
IoT-basiertes Prozessmanagement
in Informatik Spektrum volume 42 (2019) . - page 130-137
doi:10.1007/s00287-019-01140-x ...

Sturm, Christian; Szalanczi, Jonas; Schönig, Stefan; Jablonski, Stefan
A Lean Architecture for Blockchain Based Decentralized Process Execution
Business Process Management Workshops : BPM 2018 International Workshops, Sydney, NSW, Australia, September 9-14, 2018, Revised Papers
Cham : Springer, 2019. - page 361-373 . - (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing; 342)
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-11641-5_29 ...

Käppel, Martin; Schützenmeier, Nicolai; Schönig, Stefan; Ackermann, Lars; Jablonski, Stefan
Logic Based Look-Ahead for the Execution of Multi-perspective Declarative Processes
Enterprise, Business-Process and Information Systems Modeling : 20th International Conference, BPMDS 2019, 24th International Conference, EMMSAD 2019, Held at CAiSE 2019, Rome, Italy, June 3-4, 2019, Proceedings
Cham : Springer, 2019. - page 53-68 . - (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing; 352)
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-20618-5_4 ...

Jablonski, Stefan; Röglinger, Maximilian; Schönig, Stefan; Wyrtki, Katrin
Multi-Perspective Clustering of Process Execution Traces
in Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures volume 14 (2019)
doi:10.18417/emisa.14.2 ...

Fichtner, Myriel
Parameterizable Process Views in Imperative Process Models
Bayreuth, 2019. - vii, 68 page
doi:10.15495/EPub_UBT_00004403 ...
(master's thesis, 2019, )

Proceedings of the 11th Central European Workshop on Services and their Composition. Bayreuth, ...
publ: Kolb, Stefan; Sturm, Christian
Bayreuth, Germany : CEUR-WS, 2019 . - (CEUR Workshop Proceedings; 2339)

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