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Faculty of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science

Chair for Databases and Information Systems – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Jablonski

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Date News
11.04.2024 Paper accepted at EOMAS 2024 - by Nicolai Schützenmeier, Stefan Jablonski and Stefan Schönig
27.02.2024 Topics for Seminars/Labs/Projects SoSe 2024
16.02.2024 Paper accepted at BPMDS 2024 - by Sebastian Petter and Stefan Jablonski
10.01.2024 WS 23/24: Hands-on session with Celonis - 31.01.2024
06.10.2023 The Dpex-Framework: Towards Full WFMS Support for Decentralized Process Execution
05.10.2023 Paper accepted at MOBA 2023 - by Nicolai Schützenmeier, Stefan Jablonski, Martin Käppel, and Lars Ackermann
26.06.2023 Paper accepted at CAISE 2023 - by Lars Ackermann, Julian Neuberger, Martin Käppel, and Stefan Jablonski
16.06.2023 Paper accepted at BPMDS 2023 - by Nicolai Schützenmeier, Carl Corea, Patrick Delfmann and Stefan Jablonski
28.04.2023 Paper accepted at ICEIS 2023 - by Nicolai Schützenmeier, Martin Käppel, Myriel Fichtner and Stefan Jablonski
06.04.2023 Topics for Seminars/Labs/Projects SoSe 2023
06.12.2022 Article accepted in Software and Systems Modeling (2022) - by Nicolai Schützenmeier, Martin Käppel, Lars Ackermann, Stefan Jablonski and Sebastian Petter
21.09.2022 Topics for Seminars/Labs/Projects WS 2022/23
20.09.2022 Knowledge-based Recommendation for Polyglot Persistence - by Philipp Eisenhuth and Stefan Jablonski
31.08.2022 Paper accepted at CoopIS 2022 - by Myriel Fichtner, Urs Fichtner, and Stefan Jablonski
14.05.2022 Paper accepted at BPMDS 2022
04.05.2022 Paper accepted at ICEIS 2022 - by Sebastian Petter, Myriel Fichtner, Stefan Schönig and Stefan Jablonski
04.05.2022 Paper accepted at ICEIS 2022 - by Myriel Fichtner, Stefan Schönig and Stefan Jablonski
04.04.2022 Topics for Seminars/Labs/Projects SS 2022
08.10.2021 Topics for Seminars/Labs/Projects WS2021/2022
07.09.2021 Paper accepted at PoEM 2021
14.06.2021 Paper accepted at ADBIS 2021
14.06.2021 Paper accepted at QUATIC 2021
17.05.2021 Paper accepted at RCIS 2021
07.04.2021 Paper accepted at CAiSE 2021
08.02.2021 Process Mining session with Ngoc Ánh Ngo (Celonis)
22.09.2020 Career opportunities prospectively announced on our homepage
23.01.2020 Fast eine Million Euro Fördergelder: Wissenschaftsminister würdigt innovative Projekte an der Universität Bayreuth
03.12.2019 Optimaler Kundenservice durch künstliche Intelligenz: Universität Bayreuth startet neues Forschungsprojekt
08.05.2019 Workshop on Flexible Advanced Information Systems (FAiSE 2019)
08.04.2019 Topics for Seminars/Labs/Projects SS2019
05.02.2019 Data Science Workshop, IBM
02.11.2018 MUT - Mädchen und Technik
09.09.2018 Best Paper Award at CCBPM
19.06.2018 Visit from Janina Nakladal, Celonis
06.06.2018 Datenschutz leicht gemacht: Bayreuther Informatiker präsentieren IT-Lösung für Unternehmen auf der CEBIT
26.03.2018 Best Paper Award at ICEIS
26.03.2018 Poster Presentation at ENASE conference in Madeira
19.03.2018 AI4 joins ESF funded project "Digitale Transformationswerkstatt"
29.01.2018 Dr. Stefan Schoenig presenting the DPIL Framework at Modelsward Conference
16.01.2018 Paper accepted at ENASE 2018
20.12.2017 Two Papers accepted at ICEIS 2018
30.11.2017 Research Talk by Luise Pufahl from HPI
29.11.2017 Informatik Kolloquium: Research Talk by Dr. Stefan Schönig
14.10.2017 Freie Stelle eines/einer Wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiters/-in
11.06.2017 Research Talk at Israel Institute of Technology

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