14.11.2011 "Dynamic Guidance Enhancement in Workflow Management Systems" accepted at SAC 2012

08.11.2011 "A Generic Approach to Interactive University Timetabling" accepted at ACHI 2012

02.09.2011 MTEL 2011: Paper accepted

In our curriculum, a summary of all our lectures can be found. All lectures are given in german at the moment.

The lecture Datenbanken und Informationssysteme is introductory. We also offer lectures dealing with "big distributed systems" and "development of online applications".Besides, we offer additional seminars on various topics.

Additionally Christoph Günther offers practical courses on "algorithms and data structures" (SS) and "databases and information systems" (WS), where the learned concepts can be implemented and practical experience with the techniques can be achieved.

Furthermore he offers a seminar that prepares future teachers on their exam.


As this site is mainly adjusted to our students, we do not provide an english version of all the sub sites.

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