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Faculty of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science

Chair for Databases and Information Systems – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Jablonski

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Data Science Workshop, IBM


Today we were happy to welcome Alexander Richthammer who represents IBM as a Predictive Analytics Solution Advisor. Alexander gave an impressive hands-on workshop about “data science in action”.

After discussing fundamental issues and a general data science problem classification the group started working with IBM SPSS, a modeling tool for data science workflows. It already showed great advantages of visual data analytics when it came to the first topic: data preparation. Afterwards the group moved over to the actual modeling task consisting of training, evaluation and deployment of different classification algorithms such as decision trees and neural networks. Since real-life sample data was used, the whole group got an idea of the different challenges a data scientist has to cope with. The workshop was concluded by a demonstration of the impressive Python-enabled data science platform called “IBM Watson Studio”.

While the workshop was rather meant to be a practical training for students in the area of data science the chair is also currently discussing possible enrichments of data-science related courses based on ideas from the workshop.

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