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Course Requirements

General Information about Seminars / Practical Courses / Projects

In our practical courses and projects students are usually working together in groups (around 4 people per group). Therefore, written documents ("Ausarbeitungen") and final presentations ("Abschlussvorträge") are carried out together. Each student will have to take care of a certain part of the text document and of the presentation. If possible, Bachelor and Master students will work together as well. The following tables define guidelines for submissions and presentations.

Project work should be carried out according to established software engineering processes. Therefore, students are encouraged to organize projects by means of detailed requirements analysis ("Lastenheft"), requirements specifications ("Pflichtenheft") and conceptual descriptions of the implemented software.

Deadlines for theses: In general you will first submit the written thesis and the corresponding final presentation will be scheduled afterwards.
Deadlines for other courses: In general you will first give the final presentation and the written documents will have to be submitted one week later.



CourseECTSWritten TextOral PresentationImplementation
Seminar (B.Sc.) 5 15-25 pages 30-40 min -
Practical Course (B.Sc.) 6 - 15 min (p. P.) yes
Project (B.Sc.) 8 50-60 pages (per group) 15 min (p. P.) yes
Bachelor Thesis (B.Sc.) 15 40-50 pages 30-40 min yes



CourseECTSWritten TextOral PresentationImplementation
Seminar (M.Sc.) 5 25-30 pages 30-40 min -
Big Seminar (M.Sc.) 8 30-40 pages 45-60 min -
Practical Course (M.Sc.) 8 - 15 min (p. P.) yes
Small Project (M.Sc.) 8 50-60 pages (p. group) 15 min (p. P.) yes
Big Project (M.Sc.) 15 70-80 pages (p. group) 15 min (p. P.) yes
Master Thesis (M.Sc.) 30 50-80 pages  45-60 min yes

Students who work on a big master project will have to lead a group and provide substantial more work and effort within the project. These requirements will be considered and enforced throughout the project.

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