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Thesis Topics

Below you find a list currently open thesis topics (under reserve). If you are interested in a topic, please contact either directly the corresponding supervisor or, for general questions, Dr. Lars Ackermann. Independent from the number of topics we can only offer a limited capacity of free slots for theses. Please ask the corresponding supervisor if there is still enough capacity to supervise your chosen topic.

The topic list below are suggestions which are well-conceived in that terms that they are suited to your study program and requirements. This is why we usually choose those internal topics over topics in collaboration with external companies. However, exceptions are possible but only in few cases.

If you intend to work on a topic in collaboration with an external company or institution please provide the following information:

  • Contact details of the company/institution and the corresponding contact person and
  • A brief description of the topic/idea.

The goals, scientific requirements and artifacts to develop for the thesis are decided by the corresponding supervisor at our chair (in coordination with the other supervisors). 

All topic descriptions may change over time, usually driven by findings that emerge by working on the topics. Thus, all current descriptions are temporarily valid only.

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