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Faculty of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science

Chair for Databases and Information Systems – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Jablonski

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Thesis Topics

Below you find a list currently open thesis topics. If you are interested in doing a thesis with us, please contact Dr. Stefan Schönig or Lars Ackermann.

TopicCoordinator / Type
Access Control in Process Aware Information Systemsassigned
Praktische Datenanalyse mit Pythonassigned
Logic-based look-ahead for the execution of declarative process modelsassigned
Process model extraction from natural language texts assigned
Process entity extraction from natural language textsassigned
RapidMiner NLP Tools: Part-of-Speech taggingassigned
RapidMiner NLP Tools: Syntax Parsingassigned
Translating EPCs to BPMNassigned
The interaction between the EU GDPR and business process managementassigned
Compile-time and runtime variability of restful services as one step towards generating system backbones for research prototypesDr. Lars Ackermann / Master Thesis
Erweiterung des BPMS Camunda um DokumenteDr. Stefan Schönig / BA, MA
Erweiterung des BPMS Camunda um mobile Funktionalitäten (Foto, OCR, Location, etc.)Dr. Stefan Schönig / BA, MA

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