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Paper accepted at MOBA 2023 - by Nicolai Schützenmeier, Stefan Jablonski, Martin Käppel, and Lars Ackermann


The paper "Comparing the Expressiveness of Imperative and Declarative Process Models" authored by Nicolai Schützenmeier, Stefan Jablonski, Martin Käppel, and Lars Ackermann has been accepted for presentation and publication at the 3rd International Workshop on Model-Driven Organizational and Business Agility (MOBA 2023). Below you can find the abstract of the paper.

Since the advent of so-called declarative process modeling languages in addition to the previously known imperative languages, the business process management community has been confronted with a lot of new possibilities and challenges regarding modeling and interpreting business processes. In general, these declarative languages are better suited for flexible processes, i.e. processes which lead a lot of open decisions to the model executor and hence have got a relatively large amount of execution paths, whereas imperative languages are mainly used to formalize routine processes. Of course, the question arises whether a declarative or an imperative approach fits better for a specific application. In this paper we handle this issue and present a method based on automata theory, which supports the process modeler in making this decision. Furthermore, we present a comparison method which makes it possible to check given imperative and declarative process models for equality. We finally evaluate our approach by implementing a Java tool and calculating practical examples.
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